Making Internet Radio Work
by: Bennie Dingo
When I was 13 years old there was a movie that came out that literally changed my life. It was 1973 and the movie was American Graffitti. I quickly fell in love with the music and the 50's subculture and 30 some years later I still haven't shaken off that genre of music. [ more ]

Podcasting: Internet Radio On Demand... and MORE!
by Jim Edwards
It's about to blow the world of online audio through the roof as every Tom, Dick and Shirley can now operate a high powered Internet Radio station providing on-demand audio (and shortly, video) with nothing more than a microphone, simple software, and a little imagination. [ more ]

Political Radio Advertising for 2006
by Scott Perreault
The challenge for the 2006 election season is to write radio scripts that touch the heart and not deflect off the shield that surrounds the soul of most voters. The conditioning of the mind has been evolving since the first political radio commercials. [ more ]