Why Colleges Visits Are So Important

Of all the steps in choosing a college, your campus visits may be the most important because they will allow you to: 1. view all of the campus, not just the parts of it shown in the college publications or pictured on the website. 2. explore the town in which the college is located. 3. attend a class and observe both the degree of academic challenge and the relationships between students and their professors.

4. speak with current students about campus life. 5. spend time with an admissions counselors who can give you an overview and address any specific questions you may have.

Be sure to use this opportunity well. 6. determine if the campus environment feels comfortable.

Do students seem serious about academics? Are they welcoming? Do students and faculty appear to interact well? Are there any unpleasant surprises? Some colleges will let you meet with faculty, give you tickets to an athletic contest or other event, spend a full day with a student host, and/or stay overnight in an on-campus dorm room or apartment. Don't be shy, and don't be in a hurry. See is much as you can. Meet and speak with everyone you can. And, say "yes" to any offers you have to eat in the dining hall, attend an on-campus event, visit a class, or spend an evening on campus.

The more you learn the better your chance of making an informed college choice.

The author, Daniel Kane, is a university Dean of Enrollment who has produced five educational websites on educational subjects which include online college degrees and online colleges.

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