Saftey and teen chat rooms

Teen chat is an important part of many kids' social lives. These chat rooms are new and exciting way to meet teens across to any areas. Teenager chat rooms are a place where you and your friends can hang out and chat the days away. A lot of teenagers use these chats as a way of meeting people there own age.

They IM with school friends, with boyfriends or girlfriends, and with friends who have moved away. Teens should promise to: Tell a parent if an online experience makes them uncomfortable or worried. Parents should stress to their teens that these internet chat rooms can be a dangerous place if not taken seriously and to not let there personal information ever become an issue. Most teen chat sites do have the adult moderators that monitor the chat logs. Parents should monitor these teen chat rooms before allowing their teens to participate in them to determine if this is something they think there teen would be safe participating in.

Talk with teens about safety, including the dangers of meeting online friends in person. Know the dangers of online chatting, equip yourself with the knowledge to fish out the predators and protect you and your friends. For example, parents may choose a paid Internet service that provides adults to monitor child and teen chat rooms over a free service that does not provide adult monitors. This difference between monitored and unmonitored chat rooms has implications for policy and practice. In addition to analyzing transcripts from teen and children's chat rooms, researchers with the UCLA center are studying 7th and 10th graders to learn what they do on the Internet and how their use of the Internet relates to their social life in the real world. Conversations in unmonitored teen chat rooms are often heavily weighted toward sex.

"Sex is on the minds of many adolescents, and we are seeing this core developmental issue reflected in the chat rooms. Parents need to be aware this and of what their children are doing and saying in chat rooms, and be aware of the possible dangers, as well as the benefits. Teen chat rooms can be a great place for teens once parents have found the right one for there teenager. Most of your major social networking sites are now installing chat rooms with moderators. Teen chat rooms have proven that they are here to stay.

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