Project Management Online Training Preferences

PMP exam prep training is available from many sources, but a large number of candidates are seeking online, web-based PMP prep training for its cost and convenience benefits. However, online training can mean a number of different things to people, including web-based classroom training, reviewing visual material online, collaborating with other students, interacting with training, downloading material, and much more. Project Management Training Online has been researching what students interested in online project management training value the most. Here is our data, from a sample of nearly 700, about what professionals interested in online PMP prep training want and what is important to them about the training: 1.

Over 60% have 5 years or less experience, and another 25% have 6-10 years. Only about 5% have over 15 years experience. 2. Just over 25% work for mid-size companies, and a little less work for consulting or professional services firms.

While nearly 20% work for Fortune 1000 companies, the remainder work for small firms, government or other organizations. 3. Over 60% are serious about PMP certification, most of whom need the 23 hours for CAPM, or 35 hours for the PMP. While a few of the rest of those who are "serious" are already CAPM or PMP certificied, most are actively preparing and applying to take the exam.

The other nearly 40% are just thinking about PMP certification at the moment. 4. Over 75% people seeking online Project Management certification training selected "online, anywhere, anytime web based interactive training" as a preference. Over 50% specified that downloadable CD/DVD-based training was desirable, and just under 50% specified that exam simulations combined with flash cards and study mode features were highly desirable. Between 20 and 40% listed podcasts, video, and online instructor lead training as desired modes of delivery. 5.

When asked what they are looking for in project management training the majority mentioned either that they want to satisfy educational requirements and earn certification, or they simply want to increase their knowledge of project management to become more effective in their careers. The rest of the respondents mentioned that convenience, 24x7 availability, the ability to study on their own, and related factors were the most important things they were looking for. 6. When asked how they are evaluating online project management training providers, they mentioned many thing, including presentation, understandability of the material, thoroughness, PMI standards alignment, cost, good training portal, case-based examples, lively and interactive, and acceptability by the PMI.

The research for this article was provided by Project Management Training Online, a leader in online project management training. For details on the statistics, see "What Are PMP Candidates Looking for In Online PMP Prep Training?" at

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