How To Work In US Without Being Deported

Immigration law is not always easy to understand or agree with. But even though you may not agree with US (or any other countries) immigration laws you must none the less follow them. One of the most important things is to be sure to fill out the proper paperwork.

All it takes is a few minutes to fill out the form and mail it in to the right place, but many people are too lazy to do even this and end up being deported as a result. 1. Permanent Residence - Get Your Government Forms Now You can't apply for citizenship without first getting a status of a permanent resident. In the US, you will need to get in touch with the USCIS and obtain the I- 485 form.

Filling out this form will be your first step in getting a green card. Of course, once you have your green card you will be have many other rights and benefits which are explained below. 2. What You Should Expect As A Green Card Holder - You have the right to live in the country and not be deported - You may leave and reenter the country - You may now be employed as long as it is legal work - You may apply for Citizenship after a number of years 3. Getting Your Citizenship If you are looking for the added benefits that come with full citizenship such as the right to vote, you will have to apply for citizenship directly. Of course, in order to do this you will have to have lived in the country without leaving for five years.

You will also need to pass a simple test. 4. Getting Full Legal Status If you happen to find love while you are inside the country, you should note that you can become a citizen immediately through blood or marriage.

If your fiance or wife is already a citizen, you can gain automatic citizenship by marriage. This is probably the easiest way for someone to become a US citizen. 5. Refugees Many refugees of war torn countries can get special treatment if they fill out an I-94 form and mail it immediately to the USCIS. Refugees may be granted temporary protected status. The Attorney General may select nationals of a foreign country to be entitled for TPS if they find that conditions in that country present a risk to personal safety because of continuing armed wars or a some kind of natural catastrophe.

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