How To Move From Friends To Lovers Dos and Donts for Women

Moving from friends to lovers with a man is not always easy. It can actually be very frustrating for some. It is not always easy to make this transition happen in most instances. In fact, it can make or break a relationship if a woman is not careful and does not do all the right things to make sure that it is moving in the right direction. There are a few things that a woman should and should not do when she is trying to turn her friendship into much more with a man.

She needs to think about this carefully and move at a comfortable speed for both people involved. I would say that this is not only scary for the man but also scary for the woman because she is not sure how he will react to her feelings of love. The one thing that a woman does not want to do is use this as a time for a one-night stand. The last thing that a woman should do is breaking her friends heart. You have to be very careful so that you are not using this person to fulfill some sort of pleasure.

You have to take their feelings into consideration so that you are keeping the friendship level there and just helping it to move along in the right direction a little better. A woman should talk to the man first and see if she can get a feel for what they are thinking. Try to get inside their head and see if there is any way that the feelings are mutual. See if you can get a sense that he maybe having the same type of feelings for you and that this may be the right step to take. However, you may not want to be too pushy or seem too interested in this subject. You might just end up scaring him away from this entire subject.

I would recommend that you get closer to the man if you can. You want to make sure that you are getting to know him even more. You may think that you know just about everything now, but there is always so much more behind a man that you should know before you even think about dating him.

Make sure that this is something that you really want to try because usually if things do no work out between a man and a woman it is hard for them to go back to being friends like they were before. You do not want to risk losing a great friendship over this. Make sure that you are ready and when you are there has to be a time to sit down together and communicate feelings. You should never keep your feelings inside. You need to express them and get them out in the open no matter if he feels the same way or not.

You should think about what you have to do in order to keep this thing under control. You may be excited but you have to know when you should and when you should not say anything. Make sure that the time is perfect and move on from there. This is he best way to get things moving along in the right direction just as you were hoping for. Do not expect too much.

You should not think that everything is going to go smoothly and that you are both going to be in this great relationship together. You need to be realistic. Think about positive things and hopefully they will go that way but always prepare you for the worst possible scene. You should be aware that it might not go as you have planned, but at least your feelings are out in the open.

Let the man know that if he feels the same way great, but if not, you still want to have them in your life. It is so important that you are not pushing them out of your life if things do go as you expect. Be patient and considerate of their feelings and you may be surprised at the happy ending that you get. It may be worth the time and all the anxiety that led up to this one perfect moment between you both.

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