How To Get Your Recording Just Right

So you have reached the stage where you are all done recording your piece and you are ready to start mixing everything together. However, there is one thing bothering you, and that is the fact that before you can start with the mixing there is just one small hiccup right bang in the middle of your piece. This does not mean you have to start all over again, or at worse, abandon your song altogether.

All it needs is the appropriate tools to get the recording just right.

What you need is software. Software for use in recording is always designed taking the human element into account.

What this actually means is that you can play your instrument in the way you know best and then with the use of such software you can create the sound you really want to hear afterwards. You may well want to be perfect while you are recording but you have to accept that this does not always happen and on these occasions it is necessary for you to put the whole thing back together using the right tools.

One of the most beneficial software tools available are punch ins. With these, you can flag up a particular area which you think needs redoing and you can go back a number of seconds and then replay. You then move into the area needing attention and record over what is already there. You can carry on playing afterwards and gradually fade out putting everything back as it should be.

Using this method you need to ensure that you can put all the sound waves next to each other. Some of the punch in programs will divide slightly upon commencement so giving yourself sufficient time to prepare for the punch in will help you to create a smooth tie and everything will come together just as it should.

When you have all of the instrumentation as you want it you can then begin to put in the right sounds. This is what is referred to as the pre-mixing stage and it is used to achieve the right effects and resonance within your particular instrument. This procedure often makes a difference to the volume as well as to the way in which your instrument mixes with other instruments so it needs to be perfected before moving on to the next stage of mixing. .

The normalization process always starts the pre-mixing stage and this makes the frequencies go up or down. This simply involves taking the setting of the waves and ensuring it peaks at both ends. If your volume is set as it should be you will see that everything normalizes around the same peaks and this allows you to mix the sounds together more easily.

When this is done, you can set the sound you desire for your finished instrumentation by the use of reverb options, such as flange, fades and many others. This will add a little flair and originality to your piece.

When you do this, make sure you think about what will sound best with your instrument and bear in mind how it will change the overall sounds of your song. When the right sounds are being heard, this is the time to preset and doing this will save you time when you are ready to start the mixing process.

When your check list for the pre-mixing is all done and the sound you hear is just right, you are ready to go ahead with the mixing of the instruments.


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